Fire Safe Committee (FSC)


The Las Cumbres Fire Safe Committee provides education, outreach and risk mitigation programs for fire prevention and preparedness in Las Cumbres, in coordination with the South Skyline Fire Safe Council, South Bay Firewise Partners and Santa Cruz County Fire.   Our initiatives include:

  • Managing the Firewise USA program
  • Homeowner Advisory program
  • Managing roadside tree and vegetation clearing
  • Managing fuel reduction projects
  • Update the Las Cumbres community about wildfire information via the Newsletter

For information regarding fire clearance policies on Las Cumbres Common Land, please refer to the Land Management Committee.

Contact Email:


No regular meetings

Important Links:

Wildfire Emergencies & Evacuations Brochure -- what you need to know and do to prepare

Prepare for Wildfire -- good overview on defensible space, home hardening and evacuation

South Skyline Fire Safe Council -- information on their free chipping program and advice on defensible space tailored for our area

Firesafe Marin -- comprehensive information on home hardening, defensible space, firesafe landscaping and evacuation preparation.  A great go-to site for wildfire preparedness information.

Firewise USA Research Fact Sheets -- construction-oriented research facts

List of Contractors for Defensible Space Clearing --  The list was developed by South Skyline FireSafe Council.  Neither SSFSC nor Las Cumbres endorse any of these contractors -- residents are encouraged to do their own reference checking and other due diligence. 


Committee Members

  • John Drew (chair)
    • Cell: 408-458-0047
    • Email:
  • Vicci Hult
    • Cell:  408-623-3750
    • Email:
  • Vicki Perkins
    • Cell:  408-395-4126
    • Email: 
  • Arnie Wernick
    • Home: 408-354-0025
    • Email: