Communication Channels



This webpage will provide information on how the Board, Las Cumbres Mutual Water Co. and the various committees and groups communicate to the community.

Note:  It is important to keep your contact info up-to-date!

Please update your contact information in your Member Profile.

Also, please email any contact information changes to the Water Co. bookkeeper at and



Hardcopy Communications:

  1. Sign Near Las Cumbres Entrance:
    Provides information on:
    - Next Board meeting date
    - Next Trail Work Party date
    - Water System status
  2. Bulletin Board (Next to main bank of mailboxes in front of the fire station).
    The left panel is where residents can attach personal notices. The middle panel is where various committees can post official notices.  The right hand panel is where the LCCC Board can post official notices.  There are some documents that must be posted, by law, to a central location where all members can view them.  An example of that is the Agenda to each monthly Board Meeting.  This bulletin board serves that purpose.
  3. Mailings:
    LCCC mailings include the annual disclosure package and election materials packets.  Any time an official policy is changed, it is mailed to members for a 30-day comment period.

Electronic Communications:

  1. Las Cumbres Website:
  2. The Las Cumbres Website provides documents and other information relating to LC governance, management and social activities. Breaking news and important announcement banners are provided on the Home Page. Homeowners are automatically granted access to the website. Renters and other residents must ask the owners of their residence to contact to request that their renters be given access to this website.
  3. Las Cumbres Newsletter:
    This is a monthly news publication of events, announcements, updates from committees, the Board, the Water Co, and personal postings.  It is a great way to keep up with what is happening in the community.  The newsletter is distributed electronically via email.
  4. Emergency Communication (Also known as Black Board Connect (BBC)):
    BBC is used for urgent and emergency communication. In the case of an emergency (fire, earthquake, etc.) this is a way to communicate with Las Cumbres residents.  When homeowners complete their Emergency Contact Form [Link], they may choose to have emergency related messages sent to them by phone, email and/ or text. There is also an Opt-Out form [Link], if you choose not to be part of this notification service.  These forms are included in Welcome Committee package, or may be obtained from the Disaster and Emergency Preparedness Committee (DEPC) [Link to DEPC webpage]. 

    While Las Cumbres reserves the BBC for emergency communications, the LC Water Company also uses this system for their emergency (such as water system and supply issues) and general administrative communications. 
  5. E-Blasts:
    E-Blasts are email messages with news and information that are NOT urgent but are of interest to the entire community such as announcements of the Board meetings, volunteer committee meetings, agendas and reminders of community-wide events.
  6. Las Cumbres Residents Facebook Page:
    This is a private Facebook page that is for LC residents only.  Not all Las Cumbres residents choose to be on this (or any) Facebook page.  It is a good place to communicate with your immediate neighbors, when you want to keep within the community.  
    To sign up, please contact one of the administrators:
    - Lynn Slade (
    - Kathleen Hart (
    - Mike Gull (
  7. Friends of Las Cumbres Facebook Page:
    This is a private Facebook page that is used for neighbor-to-neighbor advice, help, and general talk. It’s the place to go to borrow a cup of sugar, ask for a ride down the mountain or offer some freebies from your garage. 

    This Facebook page includes roughly half of all Las Cumbres residents, and about half the people on this page do not live in Las Cumbres.  It's a place some former residents use to keep in touch, as well as nearby neighbors, and family members of residents that enjoy following this site.

    To sign up, please contact one of the administrator: 
    - Kathleen Hart (
  8. Nextdoor Las Cumbres
    This is a part of a larger social network of neighbors sharing information and news.  This site is also used by the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Department as a virtual “Neighborhood Watch” where they share crime prevention and safety information.
    The site for Nextdoor is
Handy LC Email Aliases:
Purpose Architectural Control Committee
accountsPayable@lascumbres.orgManagement Company Accounts Payable Questions
agenda@lascumbres.orgAgenda submissions for Board meetings
bazaar@lascumbres.orgHoliday Bazaar Team
board@lascumbres.orgBoard of Directors
ccmc@lascumbres.orgCommunity Center Management Committee
depc@lascumbres.orgDisaster & Emergency Preparedness Committee
facilities@lascumbres.orgFacilities Manager
gates@lascumbres.orgRequests for access to the fire road gate combinations
lcmwc@lascumbres.orgLas Cumbres Water Company Secretary
lcccadmin@lascumbres.orgCurrent Board Administrator
lmc@lascumbres.orgLand Management Committee
newsletter@lascumbres.orgNewsletter Editors
Pantry@lascumbres.orgHoliday Bazaar Pantry Coordinator
president@lascumbres.orgCurrent Board President
rmt@lascumbres.orgRoad Management Team
secretary@lascumbres.orgCurrent Board Secretary
treasurer@lascumbres.orgCurrent Board Treasurer
waterbill@lascumbres.orgLas Cumbres Mutual Water Company Billing Questions web admins